Faces from Lannoo

“Since my childhood I have been fascinated by faces. I keep observing them, trying to read them, to understand and feel what they express. As a child, I felt literally surrounded by books with human faces.”
Serge Anton – photographer

The imprinted textile cover represents an evolution of faces over time, displaying a diversity of ages and ethnicities. Although this book contains a variety of faces from all around the world, it exudes peace and a sense of community throughout. This book shows the way facial expressions capture people’s attention, as the face tells a different story to the life each individual leads. Many pages of tell a tale through sorrowful, young-looking faces. The quote “In the eyes of a child you will see the world as it should be” intertwines with the close-up photography.

Serge Anton has spent the last 30 years travelling the world. Faces gathers the many colourful personalities he photographed during his countless travels in Africa and Asia. His portraits tell wordless stories, as they reveal a familiar resemblance in the faces of distant cultures.

"The old, mysterious faces, warped and waned by the touch of time; the wrinkles on skin that's been frayed by years of sunlight; and the serene, enigmatic gazes are enchanting, poetic and reminiscent of faraway corners of the world."
 Nicola Giovannini.



´╗┐Images taken from Faces from Lannoo

Post by Eleanor Fuller